Subject Welcome to SPK, Korea Registered Date 2015.03.06
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Welcome to SPK!

Since the foundation of SPK at 2006, in the pharmaceutical fields, we have been professionally working for Korean clients requiring GMP consultation such as conceptual design, validation services, global consulting for oversees pharmaceutical registration, audit services and grown up based on continual efforts to provide the results with best quality for last eight years.

We have been performed conceptual designs for about fourty companies completely, giving our customers the best satisfaction. And we have been supporting global registration process through the strict execution of highly qualified validation performance.

We, SPK, aim to ‘CUSTOMER SATISFACTION’ and this is the best target we should arrive. The our best profit is that your remembering us with some roles in pharmaceutical field.

As for until now, we SPK will go and walk to GMP step by step in the future. We don't just talk the consultant talk, we roll up our sleeves and deliver real results. We look forward to understanding your needs for engineering, technical and consulting services. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, too. Let us, all the pharmaceutical enterprises, join hands and work together to contribute a greater share for a better future.